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The Poppy


[Game Features]*** Super multi-level and small partners, waiting for you to unlock!*** Magical little boutique-style game, very simple to get started, you need to pay more efforts to want to play!*** Brilliant picture and a strong sense of rhythm and dynamic music!*** Collect more small partners, discover their special abilities! Improve operating skills, to play the power of solidarity.*** Endless checkpoints mode, beyond the limit team fighting it!*** A variety of exotic levels from top developers design, exercise your reaction and mind.Thank you for your support!
【游戏特色】*** 超多关卡和小伙伴,等待您来解锁!*** 魔幻风格的精品小游戏,上手极其简单,想玩好需要付出些努力!*** 绚丽的画面和节奏感极强的动感音乐!*** 收集更多小伙伴,发现他们的特殊能力!提高操作技巧,发挥团结的力量。*** 无尽闯关模式,超越团队战斗力的极限吧!*** 顶尖开发者设计的各种奇特关卡,锻炼你的反应和思维。